No more Facebook integration

Facebook. No Entry!

No more Facebook integration

The fallout from Cambridge Analytica and Facebook have directly impacted thousands of business that have leveraged the Facebook API (the thing that lets the data be exchanged between platforms) and which enable our Facebook events to be imported to the website automatically.

Needless to say that there has been a lot of hair pulling, screaming etc.. in some circles over the matter – but for me privacy is important, so if this is one of the things that has to go (until they sort out something simple, straightforward and transparent) then rather than moaning about it – I am going to try and create the system that I wanted.

This will take time and financial investment to achieve, so ultimately there will be a small fee to add events to the website – but I feel that we can offer real benefits to bands and venues with the offering we are developing. I can’t go into much detail yet, but in order that bands/musicians and venues are going to be paying for a service, I feel that you want to get something more than just a listing. So stay tuned.

This is a short pots as I need to actually go and do the work to get this up and running. But please, visit Facebook for events listings, keep sending your Facebook event co-host requests and we’ll add them to our Facebook Feed.

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