Upload Guide

This is a detailed guide on how to get started with uploading your live music gigs and events to this website. Remember – the more detail you add, the more attractive the proposition of your event will be to people who have yet to hear the band or musicians that you are promoting. Check out this article for Making Your Events Matter.

PLEASE NOTE: Uploading is intended to be done on a desktop, laptop or tablet and not advisable on a mobile device, due to the complexity of the interface and the limitations of the website at the moment.

Sign up

If you haven’t already, you will need to register for Upload Membership.

  • Choose ‘UPLOAD’ from the main menu
  • Read through the page and then select the ‘Sign up for Upload Membership’ button

You will be taken to a page detailing the Upload Membership along with notes on what we allow on the website.

Simply click the ‘Select’ button to proceed.

At this point you will be presented with the actual Upload Membership sign up form. Make sure you fill in all the details correctly, agree to the Privacy, Terms and Conditions and then select ‘Submit and Confirm’.

You are now on your way to uploading your live music gigs and events for FREE and benefitting from a truly dedicated listing website for gigs in and around Sheffield.

You should receive a confirmation email. In it are your ‘Account’ details. Use the name or the email address you signed up with to log in to the website when you are ready.

You will receive a second email asking you to confirm that you want to be on the Upload Membership mailing list. It is very important that you confirm your subscription in order that you receive emails detailing updates and changes to the website and any offers that are exclusive to you in future.

Now you can log in anytime by selecting ‘Log In’ from the top right of the website and entering your login details on the following page. Don’t worry if you forget your password, you can request a password reset.

Once logged in you are presented with extra menu options under ‘UPLOAD’ (hover your mouse over UPLOAD to see this on desktop) so you can view your existing gigs and events or upload new ones.

Upload a live music gig or event

The first thing to do is make sure that you have all the details for your events to hand. It is a real time saver and you can copy and paste into the form. It is also an idea to visit our VENUES page and check that the venue is on our system, otherwise you can Request a new venue.

You need to start with the title of the event. Keep the title of the event short and to the point otherwise it won’t fit into the event boxes. This is usually just the name of the band or event name – please do not add the venue, as it takes up a lot of space and is pointless.

Next you’ll need to add a description. Describe what the event is going to be, whether it is a first, you are returning to the venue, or it is a regular thing. What can people expect (originals, mixed with covers? just covers? open mic (pre-booked or truly open), session (is gear provided – will there be a list for people to sign up?).

It is a good idea to enter details about the band or each band (if more than one) adding links to Youtube, Bandcamp or even Soundcloud. We can convert these to widgets on approval.


  • DO NOT add unnecessary venue details, as a link to the venue will appear under the listing.
  • DO add details of where tickets are available from
  • DO add details of any price variations e.g. concessions, on-the-door


Have you already created a Facebook Events? If you have, please edit the Facebook Event and add @SheffieldLiveMusic as a co-host so your event can be automatically added to our Facebook listings.

If we don’t find a Facebook Event, we will create one ourselves and let you know.

Make sure you enter the correct start and end dates and times. If you have a reoccurring event, you will have to add it each time.

You MUST upload an image for the event. Ideally this will be the band or a montage of band pictures (if more than one appearing). Try not to have very text heavy images – obviously if you have great poster artwork – that will help.

NOTE: A picture may paint a thousand words but search engines can’t read pictures – so always have the text about the gig in the description and never rely on the poster image – as some times it can be clipped.

Next you will need to select event categories.

Click into the box and a dropdown should start appearing with a list of choices.

This is a MULTI select – so you can keep adding more than one. The categories you need to be aware of are genreprice range, and FREE.

  • Choose the genre that fits best – if there isn’t one, or you feel you need an additional one, select the ‘Request new category’ button and submit the details.
  • Choose the price range that best represents how much is being charged
  • If FREE entry – then make sure that FREE is selected so that it can be highlighted on the listing.

You can choose from our long list of venues by clicking on the drop-down list. We know we might not have all the venues listed, so if not, simply use the ‘Request new venue’ button and send us the details so we can add it to the website.

For the website link you can either enter the URL for the event listed somewhere else, the musician/bands URL or the ticketing URL.

Do not enter any symbols in the cost. This will be added automatically.

  • If there are multiple prices (e.g. £8 and £10 on the door), then enter the lowest and the highest separated with a dash, e.g.  8-10
  • If the event is FREE simply enter

Once the form is complete – simply  elect the ‘submit gig and event’ button and once the event has been approved it will go live.


  • We try and get the events approved as soon as possible – but on some occasions we may only be able to approve them in the evenings. So get the events on as soon as possible.
  • The slider at the top of the homepage shows the next 10 events in chronological order. So your events WILL eventually appear there as well as in the website listing
  • Your events will be submitted to Google and should appear high up in search results in a few days
  • If you have already created a Facebook Event – make sure you edit the Facebook event and add @SheffieldLiveMusic as  a co-host so we can add it to our listing.
  • Events are promoted in our regular emails, Facebook and Twitter.